SurdFX Analytics: Revolutionizing factory productivity


Information to power proactive solutions for SMT manufacturing operations

Beyond KPIs: efficiency, competitiveness, and profits

Manufacturers are moving deeper into their data to find more opportunities. SurdFX provides instant, easy to access global and local KPIs but visibility into rich machine data combined with actionable analytics tools means we can go well beyond 99 percent quality. It takes the eagle’s eye view of the whole enterprise and adds granular machine details.

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Know bottlenecks, attrition rates, and line utilization issues.

SMT manufactures can finally have comprehensive, real-time views of machine operations across the whole enterprise. SurdFX offers industry-specific analytics using the both real-time and historical data of the SurdFX platform.

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Often, SurdFX reveals that a few heads on a few machines are the cause of most mispicks.

Find areas for improvement and replicate success

The SurdFX Action Management System is the game-changing value of SurdFX. The SurdFX platform combines the rich, real-time information from all the various machines with industry-specific knowledge and cutting edge AI. The action management system reveals opportunities for improvement both globally and locally. Our clients replicate winning strategies across the enterprise. A solution anywhere is a solution everywhere!

The SurdFX platform makes action possible.

Understand what is creating failures across the factory line…

…down to which head on which machine is mispicking.

Increase productivity with alerting across the enterprise

SurdFX provides operators specific error and defect codes. With the right knowledge, they can mitigate losses that used to be invisible costs and drags on line utilization.

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