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The Industry 4.0 platform for
today’s manufacturers

Unlocking factory data to drive factory improvements

Data from machines drives local and global action

Powered by rich machine data, the SurdFX platform automatically surfaces actionable insights into electronics manufacturing operations, driving better business outcomes at every level of the organization. 

SurdFX delivers the data collection and expert analysis that increase efficiency and performance for electronics manufacturers. Our customers not only see a global view of the information from the factories and lines, but their teams can also drill down to granular machine-level performance. This provides immediate answers to questions they already have and surfaces new improvement opportunities- making operations more proactive.

The SurdFX Platform and the Surd Action Management System

The future of electronics manufacturing is analytics-inspired efficiency

The competitive manufacturer of the future doesn’t improve next quarter’s production efficiency or capacity just by looking at a chart of last month’s output. The ERP and the MES alone are not enough information for today’s manufacturing challenges. Modern data technology can deliver granular, real-time data and then use AI to identify problems and drive optimization. We built SurdFX to prove it.

Transforming Manufacturing Operations with Machine Data

The Surd vision for analytics

Global KPIs: Just the beginning

Global key performance indicators (GKPIs) can keep score and provide certain valuable insights. The SurdFX Global KPIs Solution gives manufacturers accurate, continuously up-to-date views of performance within their global manufacturing operations. 

While GKPIs captures valuable utilization improvement opportunities over a timescale of days, manufacturers can now move beyond simple utilization and analyze the rich machine data to drive advanced analytics models for SME’s and real-time actionable dashboards for line operations teams.

Trapped data is holding you back

What is limiting efficiency? When will there be a breakdown that stops production? Why is one factory more productive than others? What do we change to meet the takt time? Aggregated data from machines on the manufacturing line answer these questions and many others.

Newer machines typically have software solutions provided by the manufacturer– however, centralizing and normalizing that data across multiple machines is a slow and manual process.

Older machines all along the line are also critical to the equation– yet lack modernized connectivity.

Surd connects, normalizes, and analyzes the entire process

You need complete information to realize Industry 4.0 goals, so Surd deploys software and hardware connectivity to every machine- specifically designed to capture the richest data possible. All the data from every machine on the line is now visible, regardless of vendor and together in one place.

With normalized data and industry-specific analysis, you get actionable visibility across the entire organization– founded on the invaluable minutia of rich machine-level data.

SurdFX Connectors for the entire line

Customer highlight: Flex uses SurdFX to connect and analyze all SMT lines globally

“Surd is being deployed across many of our digital factories to capture the relevant analytics that help us drive production efficiencies, process automation, and predictive analytics. Surd is an integral part of our I4.0 strategy to capture and transform real time shopfloor data into actionable insights. This allows us to provide increased output and quality to our customers. We are very happy with our partnership.”

-Paul Baldassari

Executive Vice President, Strategic Programs and Asset Management at Flex

Machine highlight: The pick-and-place machine

Trapped machine data can lead to advanced analytics for your entire line

Resources for Electronics Manufacturers

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